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Need a new gig? These great companies are hiring Node.js developers.

Firebase is building incredible products that help developers create real time applications 100x faster than traditional development. We are growing exceptionally fast with hundreds of new developers signing up everyday. more...

We’re looking for passionate people who are excited to be part of a happy, positive, and energetic environment. As a Frontend Developer at Firebase you’ll help build our flagship website, product dashboard, world class documentation, product demos, and other customer facing products. As part of our UX/UI team, you’ll help make every customer facing experience incredible and pixel perfect.

Our Frontend uses Angular, Backbone, CSS3 (Sass), HTML5, Grunt, Jekyll and Github for coding collaboration and source control. We love new technology and encourage our team to push the limits and test out the latest libraries and best practices.

Mapbox builds tools that erase clouds, improve roads, navigate countries, and task satellites. Come build the geospatial software of the future.

Gigzolo is changing the landscape of booking musicians, photographers, videographers, and other artists.

Twilio is looking for seasoned hackers to help us in our ongoing mission to serve developer communities around the world. As a developer evangelist for Twilio, you will teach others how to code (both with and without Twilio APIs), organize and support local developer events, and produce software (both crazy hacks and production code) that will touch tens of thousands of people around the world. You'll meet amazing people using Twilio for everything from fighting human trafficking to turning cityscapes into interactive art installations.

If you're a friendly, positive, and experienced developer who loves making heroes more than being the hero, then we'd love to talk to you! We're currently looking for hero makers both in the US and the UK:

Brandcast has a vision of helping people express themselves, unlocking the hidden powers of the Web, and bringing the last major pillars of enterprise technology into the cloud. more...

Our dynamic team is made up of some of the best people in the industry, with backgrounds spanning startups, agencies, academics, and major technology companies. We are also lucky to be working with Marc Benioff, one of the world's most innovative technology visionaries.

Our Mint Plaza office is located adjacent to the Powell St Bart/Muni station in San Francisco. We strive to maintain a diverse, creative, inspiring and well-rounded work environment that appreciates and fosters talent and quality.

Vevo values innovative, self-driven, fast moving individuals with a passion for music and music videos. They foster a collaborative environment where you have a say in what gets built.

MongoHQ are doing fun things with databases and are seeking smart, dedicated hackers to help us tackle larger problems.

If you want to build meaningful stuff at an infrastructure company and have the determination to get things done, we want to talk to you.

Paypal has fully embraced Node.JS in their technology stack to transform the way they enable commerce at a global scale. Join some of the brightest engineers in the industry as a User Interface Engineer to build the new face of

B2M Solutions is unlocking the power of big data analytics for mobile ‘things’ by developing a sophisticated analytics engine that provides real-time analysis of a world of occasionally connected devices. We are currently going through rapid growth and have a number of openings for passionate developers/geeks who want to work with the latest technologies in contemporary offices on an orchard near Oxford in the UK.

Devatory is a lab for aspiring developers. Our focus is on the HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript front end stack along with C# and .NET MVC. We are looking for seasoned experts in these technologies to join our team.

If you love to showcase your expertise by building-up and a hands on approach, we will love to talk to you! A young vibrant start-up culture awaiting a Jedi for our Padawan learners, or Jedi Apprentices’!!! Let’s unleash the Web Force together!!!

Messagebus is a cloud-based messaging platform that enables anyone to easily integrate email, SMS, brand protection, and delivery & user behavior tracking into their products.

It's a platform built for developers, IT professionals, and their management chain. It works with what you've already got, and it powers that innovative new thing you're building.

Message Bus boosts open/click-through rates, reduces spoofing & phishing, and gives you total visibility into your messaging. It automates all ISP & Carrier best practices, eliminating the need to pay for additional monitoring/feedback products.

Integration is easy, our feature roadmap is customer-driven, and we provide the best support & consulting in the industry.

We're currently hiring Full Stack Engineers. If you want to help build the most powerful messaging platform in the world and you're fluent in Node, Java, Scala, or Ruby, contact us.

Balderdash is the web studio in Austin, TX who created Sails.js. We're looking for an expert JavaScript developer to help us build products for startup and Fortune 500 clients.

Our specialties are SOAs, realtime, responsive web, hybrid applications, and SPAs. You don't necessarily have to be an expert in those things, but if you are, all the more reason for us to hang out. <3 Node.js. We are active contributors to the Node.js and JavaScript communities. In fact, we have even done two seperate NodeUp episodes about it! A few projects we support and hack on: Restify, Open Badges, Troll, Grunt, Browserify is an analytics app store. We simplify data collection across web, mobile and server apps, letting people send their data wherever they need it. Our goal is to make using data easy.

We <3 node, and use it everywhere in our stack. If you're a fan of distributed systems and stress-test a new database every other week, you'll fit right in. It won't hurt if you like streams, trying out ES6 features, and open-sourcing your work. We're a small team, so each member has a huge impact. With under 10 people, we're already processing over 1 billion api calls every month.

Like the cut of our jib? Check out the full posting below:

Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure company, offering the only solution specifically built to power real-time web and mobile applications.


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