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Quick Intro

The game is simple. You've got access to documents and we want you to leak them.


BYRD is a distributed network that allows you to share and access content with plausible deniability. Files are encrypted, shredded, and disbursed all over the network. The chunks can be later retrieved and reassembled on your computer by using an easy to remember "alias".

Judging Instructions

Use a web browser on a desktop or mobile device, and open the site The UI allows you to do 2 things.

  1. You can distribute a file to the network, and give it an "alias" name, which can be shared verbally or otherwise with someone else you want to share the document with. When a file is distributed on the network, it is first encrypted, and then the pieces are sent to different nodes on the network. The operators of the network nodes cannot read the files. They will each only have small, unusable pieces of an encrypted file.

  2. A person who knows the "alias" of a distributed file can use our web application to reassemble the file and download a copy of it.

If for some reason, the process appears to be "stuck", simply refresh the browser and try again.

What they Used

The following Node.js libraries were used: "body-parser": "^1.14.1", "config": "^1.16.0", "ejs": "^2.3.4", "express": "^4.13.3", "winston": "^2.1.0"

The following Javascript libraries were used for the client: bitcore jquery aes for encryption async

Icons provided by

We are also using an external REST API that wraps a Kademelia DHT (Distributed Hash Table). This API is running on 3 EC2 nodes, as described in our app's README:

We discussed this via email with Jacques Crocker @, and they ok'd it for our use case.

Jacques Crocker has been provided with root access to these 3 EC2 machines to ensure they are really only running the open source project, and to make sure no tampering will take place after the contest ends.

The reason we needed to use external hosts was because the API needed to expose 2 ports, and we needed multiple instances for the DHT to work.


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