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EchoBase - Online conference platform

By dopemob

Quick Intro

EchoBase is located in hidden location on planet Hoth (inspired from Star Trek) provides online conference via browser's WebRTC capabilities.


EchoBase authenticates you against Twitter and then it allows you to create conference calls (audio/video) from your web browser. You may share call url to invite more participants to your call. Conference room is limited to 5 participants.

Judging Instructions

EchoBase uses WebRTC capabilities and it only works on:

  • Firefox 24+
  • Google Chrome 23+
  • Android 4.0+

You need to allow your browser to access your camera and microphone.

What they Used

Foundation 3 (UI framework), Socket.IO (websocket signaling), Express (web framework), Connect (Middlewares), Mongoose (mongodb), Redis (Sessions), Passport (Authentication), PeerJS (WebRTC helpers).



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  • contestant
  • judge

    Very solid entry and great work on a very slick interface. Nice to see some effort around the multiparty video conferencing capabilities - was nice and smooth as other participants joined but not quite as nice when they left...

    While there is an element of innovation given the use of WebRTC (pretty new technology) most of the use of WebRTC sits pretty much in the conferencing space and there is a lot more that can be done with it.

    Great job overall.

  • judge

    It didn't work for me. I could get audio but not video and ended up with lots of feedback when a colleague connected.
    Utility: If it worked it would be handy. Design: clean and simple. Innovation: Lots of conferencing options around. Completeness: Felt complete except for the not working part.

    • iapain

      Hi Chad,

      Thanks for your feedback. It's probably because either Google's TURN server very heavily loaded or 9000 port was blocked. If you wants to try again hit me on twitter @iapain

      Cheers, Deepak :)

  • judge


    It took a little bit to figure out that we had to refresh our windows to see each other. but it worked well.

    • iapain

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for awesome feedback. That reload behavior was actually not intended. Please hit me on twitter @iapain if you want to try again :)

      Cheers, Depeak :)

  • contestant


  • contestant


    WebRTC classic :)

  • judge


    Great use of WebRTC. The video came in super clear, better than Google+ Hangouts.

    Design is average.

    Not the most innovative but definitely one of the best entries so far.

    If it had chat I would have gave it four stars. Not bad for 48 hours.

  • judge


    It works!

  • contestant

    Simple to use and work very well! Nice job!

  • contestant


    great work.

  • contestant

    I don't have anybody else to play with but this is a nicely designed app that works.

    I've seen it a bunch of times though. Also your copy said you've written this application before, for last year's competition or something.

    • iapain

      Sorry to hear about that. We've uploaded a pitch video to see it in action. You may also try to open a new tab and share it with yourself.

      True, its our old idea but we made it working this year. Last year it wasn't working and that's where we feel its innovative :)

      Thanks for voting!! EchoBase

  • contestant

    Hacker School

    Pretty cool. I'm definitely interested in WebRTC and this seems like a reasonably implementation of what you're doing, but I don't see much innovation here.

  • contestant

    Would like to see login with things other than just twitter.

    • iapain

      Thanks for voting :) Sorry to hear about login. We've uploaded a pitch video to see it in action here

      Cheers, EchoBase


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