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The best team from Poland, Europe.

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M&Ms Game

By Dumplings

Quick Intro

Collect all of items by M&Ms characters. You have only 100 seconds for this.


This is multiplayer game with funny characters. At start you will be assigned random character (green, blue, yellow or green M&Ms). When no round is started, you can click to "starting round" button. Next, if somebody try to enter game, he can just press button "join now".

Judging Instructions

I tested under Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Don't know, how it works under Opera and IE. In Opera case, I think, thats will work, because it has a Webkit as a render engine.

What they Used
  • Frontend: Phaser.js, complete-string, node-uuid, Underscore.js,
  • Backend: Node.js (Express), Socket.io, Nodemon (for development), Webpack, Babel.js, node-uuid, Underscore.js
  • Modulus, Bower and my favourite NPM

Application put 2 item to localStorage: nko5-name, nko5-record-score

I use my favourite combo: ECMAScript 6 with Babel.js + Webpack. I'm realy impressed of Modulus. It is very well platform for deployment.

Editor: WebStorm Additional apps: Tiled, TexturePacker, ShoeBox.

I use image (as background) from http://subtlepatterns.com/thumbnail-view/


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