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Zombie Detector

By Kitten Bubbles

Quick Intro

tessel 2 powered websockets running on hapi connected to a pebble watch to detect motion around the wearer. The motion sensors are star networked to the tessel 2 and the pebble displays the direction the movement was detected in. This results in a powerful tool to detect animals, people, and zombies approaching.


Displays the direction on a pebble watch of approaching animals/people/zombies. Lay down as many motion sensors as you want, they all network back to a gateway connected to a tessel 2. The tessel 2 talks to a node.js server running hapi. The hapi server talks to your phone/watch and tell you instantly the direction that the motion was detected. The purpose of this is to help people detect approaching wildlife, people, and zombies. There are definite military applications as you can use the sensors to establish a perimeter around the wearer of the watch and be notified of approaching people. Similarly, you can use this to setup a home or remote security system that alerts the wearer of movement.

The watch vibrates when there is movement detected by a sensor and prints the direction that the movement came from.

Judging Instructions

Watch the video demonstration. The full setup requires arduinos/tessel 2, a pebble watch, and modulus servos.

The code is all published under the npm package: kitten-bubbles (https://www.npmjs.com/package/kitten-bubbles). Here is a more technical overview of the code files:


JavaScript app running on the pebble watch. It uses WebSockets to connect to the hapi server running on modulus.


JavaScript app running on the tessel 2. It talks to the arduino gateway over the serial port and then publishes any sensor data using WebSockets to the hapi server running on modulus.


Hapi server running on modulus. This uses WebSockets to listen for new sensor data from the tessel and then publishes that data to the pebble listener.

What they Used

hapi, tessel 2, cowboymouth, nes, websockets, pebble.js, node.js


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