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Walk Sharing

By mesolabs

Quick Intro

You can walk your way around the world with your friends online. You can also experience exactly the same thing as the past walk (called time-shift) whenever you access the given URL.


We use Google Street View and Google Maps API to simulate walk aournd. Locations, Point of Views and chat messages are synchronized via WebSocket(Socket.IO).

Judging Instructions

Please use latest version of your browser.

  1. Create your own walk to navigate your friends to your favorite spot. If you're the navigator, you can move with keyboards (arrow keys) .
  2. Choose "Live" walks on top page to watch someone's live walk around. You can also join the chat with Twitter OAuth.
  3. You can watch someone's past walk around from top page "Time-Shift" or specified URL.
What they Used

Express, Socket.IO, Passport, Google Maps API, Twitter API, Dirty, jQuery



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  • judge

    Great idea. Nice design. Love the concept. Good job!

  • judge


    Interesting concept, but the use cases should be explained better (with examples etc).

  • judge

    Fun Application, I like the idea very much. The design in nice, although the transitions when moving are not very smooth. It's an innovative concept and something that I haven't seen in a while. The app is kind of uasble, but needs more polish. Great project well done!

  • judge


    The app works very well. Very nice job on this. I like the "shared experience" aspect. It would have been nice if there were more of a value-add over Google Maps besides simply chat and time-shifting. Maybe integrate information about local places, like Yelp reviews?

  • judge

    Nodejitsu Inc.

    Choosing a starting place was awesome! Probably fun for a couple of minutes, some game element would make this really cool I guess

  • contestant

    Awesome idea! Would be great to see some sort of mobile implementation with geolocation etc. Perhaps integrate Panorimo/Flickr photos as well?

  • contestant


    I think that simple gamefication improvements (for example - get to point A race) would made this soooo much better :)

  • judge


    It works, but I would like to have seem some kind of innovation introduced like building it into a game. Otherwise, only added chat to Google maps.

  • contestant

    So much fun going around the world! Spent a lot of time to see where ppl went to

  • contestant

    Nice idea

  • contestant

    Like the idea, would be soo epic if you could see eachother walking around, like tiny avatars that you place ontop of the Google Map iframe. :)

  • contestant


    This is pretty cool guys. I have a feeling Google might be knocking on your door some day to integrate this. It's an excellent idea. Wasn't able to try with a view because my tablet didn't want to show the actual street view, but nonetheless, this is pretty clever. I hate to say this, because it is so clever, but I can't see many people using it often though. :( More of a watch this kind of trick.

  • judge

    Applied Geographics

    works well, though it is confusingly organized and tricky to view the recorded (time shared) walks.

    • meso

      We want to post tweets with location information that's why we need post ability.

      0f course we do not post any tweet without your obvious action i.e. press POST button.

    • CWMma

      thanks for getting back to me, I'll take another look and edit my vote

  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    Neat idea!


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