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By Naam

Quick Intro

Give away your books and help others to learn. Get the books you need from other donar.

  1. Post your books you want to give away or sell for lesser price
  2. Receive mail or call from others for your books
  3. Mail your books or meet the person to give the books
  4. Feel the sense of contribution to improve the society.
What they Used

ExpressJS, Jade, MongoDB, CoffeeScript, RequireJS, Twitter Bootstrap



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  • judge

    This is a useful app. I could definitely see people using it. The weaknesses are that it's a pretty bare bones project, so far. Ideally you would put in a title and it would just grab the metadata from Amazon. The design is also very basic. I could see this working but it needs to be a lot easier to upload your list of books into the system. Perhaps the most ideal implementation of this would be a mobile app where you can just take a picture of the book's cover and/or scan the UPC.

    • fizerkhan

      Thanks for vote and feedback. It will be great if we get meta data from amazon. We had a plan and but due to time limit, we could not add that feature. We definitely add it in Future release.

  • contestant

    Bank of Canada

    Fantastic idea, would love to see this in more countries.

    One note though: you should require users to include more information about their books (author and book condition should be mandatory)

    • fizerkhan

      Thank you. We will add those fields.

  • judge

    10gen, MongoDB Company

    You guys should have added some example data I was unable to find any so had to add a dummy entry. The concept is cool. There was a similar site in the past where you could "organize" a drop point so the people never even had to meet in person.

  • contestant

    Fagbokforlaget V&B AS

    I did that thing during at my university it was quite hit. We had Amazon ISBN lookup to retrieve cover and meta info - it was time saver. Good work!

  • contestant

    Spreading knowledge is amazing

  • judge


  • judge


    A useful way to give and get books. No need to limit it to India though! would also like to see proximity search for finding books, and suggestions for books available near you.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Due to time limit, we could not implement for all countries. We will definitely move this forward to support everywhere.

    • fizerkhan

      Thanks. We will support other countries in future.

  • contestant

    good idea, great social value!!!

  • contestant

    This is a great idea, but it's a shame only Indian cities are listed, it would be great for me to specify the city I'm from. And if I'd be happy to ship international

    • fizerkhan

      Thanks for your feedback and vote. Due to time limit, we could not implement for all countries. But it is possible.

  • contestant


    Looks like a limited version of some other popular micro-announcment sites.

  • contestant


    Great idea! I really like how this could actually make a difference in communities. It seems to be a pretty functioning site as well. The only thing I would recommend changing is displaying phone numbers. I would not use this service if I showed my personal phone number, but I would if perhaps you facilitated email through your system and only exchanged personal information if both parties agreed.

    • fizerkhan

      Thanks for your feedback and vote. We also had a plan to implement message system. Due to time limit, we could not implement them. As you said, we also ask for user permission to show mobile number in future.

  • judge


  • contestant

    DUO Interactive

    Great idea and solid execution!


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