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Human Popup Blocker

By TBDevelopment

Quick Intro

Head to head game with intense popup blocking!


Test your reflexes in this popup blocking game! Earn as many points as you can before you or your opponents window fills up with popups. Make sure to close the good popups by clicking the link and not the X. The faster you close the popup the more points you will get. If you close the popup improperly, you will lose points. When the game is over, you will lose points for any unclosed popups. The game ends when there are 20 unopened popups on either you or your opponent's screen. Player who ends the game will be penalized.

Note: application only tested in chrome. For best user experience, maximize your screen.

Judging Instructions

Requires 2 people! Sign in with Facebook to play. Click Start / Wait for opponent. Share the URL to the game if you want someone specific to join. For the good popups (popups with TBDevelopment in the description) click the link to close, all other popups click the X to close. Only tested in Chrome!

What they Used

meteor with community packages: deanius:promise kadira:flow-router kadira:blaze-layout astrocoders:accounts-fb-hook sacha:spin fortawesome:fontawesome

buttons library - Popup Window Style - Game Music - Game sounds -

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