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Quick Intro

Housie is fun game(like Bingo or Tambola) that you can play with your family or friends without any need to buy the materials like tickets and number pool like people used to do traditionally. Best part is that, it has an integrated chat system, so you can type messages while playing and it will be shown on the projector screen. So go and check it out if you wanna relive the old school gaming style with a modern twist.


Housie lets you play a group game similar like Bingo or Tambola. One person can be a host and invite other people to join by sending a code through email or they can just pass it on to whomsoever they wanna play with.

People can join by entering the code and the game begins. There are two screens, one for playing which shows ticket on each player's screen and other is the projector screen which shows numbers one by one.

There is a speech synthesizer also, so that players can hear number while playing. So the players can focus on their tickets more, rather than on projector screen. Housie allows you to send messages on projector screen, so you can have a fun interaction while playing.

Projector screen shows the list of users currently playing and as soon as you type a message, it flashes on the screen just above your name initials. People can claim awards like full house, top lane etc. This is a responsive game so you can open your ticket screen on mobiles as well to have an easy access.

We provide support for sign up through 3 major social platforms: facebook, google and twitter.

Judging Instructions

Lets play Housie:-

  1. Home screen shows you the option for login. You can select any of the medium like google or facebook or twitter.

  2. After logging in, you see two option, either you can start a game or join a game. If you have a code already that your friend has given you, you can enter it and start playing. Else if you want to create a new game, you can be a HOST.

  3. Click on "HOST" to create a game. On the screen, you will see a code which you can copy paste and pass on to your friends or you can just type in their email id and we will do it for you by sending code through email.

  4. As a player, you can just enter the code on the join screen and proceed to play.

  5. As soon as people join the game, their avatars/Initials start appearing on the projector screen. They can send messages also by typing in the bottom area.

  6. When everybody has joined the game, HOST can click on "Red play button" to start the game.

  7. Random numbers starts appearing on the screen with audio also.

  8. Players can read or listen the numbers and if the number is present on their ticket , they can click on it to mark.

  9. There are some prizes like "Full house"(When all numbers are been marked red on the ticket) or "Top lane"(when first line has been marked a red) and so on.

  10. People can claim the prizes by clicking on "CLAIM" button on bottom left corner.

  11. If its a False call, you loose one life. After loosing all lives, you cannot play the game but you can still chat.

  12. Hope you enjoy the game!!

Note : Please try it on Chrome browser.

What they Used

This is a full MEAN stack project. We have also used Socket.io and Yeoman generator.


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