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Rails Rumble 2008

<3 hackathons

Rails Rumble 2009

forcing 2009 to be realtime

  • XHR long-polling
  • Orbited: Python twisted package


  • 1,185 lines of JavaScript
  • 12 lines of Ruby

omg node

  • yay websockets!
  • yay 100% javascript!

omg dilemma

  • rails rumble </3 node.js


node.js knockout #1

  • node v0.1, v0.2.4 (no package.json)
  • 100 entries, 200 teams (arbitrary limit)
  • sponsors Palm, Sencha, Yahoo!, CouchDB, 10gen, Smule, JSConf, npm(??)
  • judges Brendan Eich, John Resig, Ryan Dahl, Isaac Schlueter, Mikeal Rogers, Guillermo Rauch, TJ Holowaychuk, ...
  • locations SF, NYC, Boston, Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Paris, Vancouver

2010 winners

  • Swarmation (realtime multiplayer shape-making game)
  • Bl├Ądderblock (realtime multiplayer pictionary)
  • Wrath (REST API testing)
  • GIANT ROBOTS... (realtime multiplayer tower defense)
  • Serrano (realtime multi-browser session sharing)
  • Gabber (cross-site shared chat room)
  • Scrabb.ly (multiplayer collaborative crossword game)

2011 winners

  • Observer (realtime session spying)
  • Eight Bit Beats (realtime multiplayer music generation)
  • Driv.in (shared simultaneous youtube viewing)
  • Doodle or Die (multiplayer doodle telephone game)
  • ACROnode (multiplayer realtime acronym game)
  • GPU Lava (node+webgl bindings on an HP TouchPad)
  • [email protected] ([email protected] for chess AI)


nko3 changes

  • no prizes
  • come talk to me if you disagree
  • nodejitsu only
  • HQ - new joyent offices


credits to @burnto, @huned for graphics