Am a Node newbie. Participating in this knockout to push myself to make my first node app. Learning along the way from an online video Node course and implementing from it.

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Now That's Delicious

A Restaurants showcase application.

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Lists various restaurants with individual pages, ability to add new restaurants, edit restaurants ,add and edit restaurant image, etc.


  1. clone repo to a local folder
  2. cd into repor folder
  3. run 'npm install'
  4. run 'npm start'
  5. open browser at 'localhost:7777' 6.enjoy application!

Built With

  1. Node.js 2.Express.js 3.MongoDB 4.NPM 5.'Learn Node' course by Wes Bos and its starter files available at: 6.Google Maps API 7.SCSS 8.Pug 9.All dependencies listed in package.json

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