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Escape monsters as a ninja in this endless runner! The twist: You can't touch your keyboard or your mouse.

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Play an endless runner by gesturing with your hands! Once the game calibrates to your hands, do simple gestures, like forming a fist to control your character.


Browsers supported : Latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  • You need to have and allow access to your Webcam in order to play this game.
  • On clicking 'Next', you'll be presented with the option to calibrate yours hands for the game.
  • You get to choose two gestures - One for going up and the other for falling down.
  • Once calibration is done, the game is set to play! All the best!
  • In the game, alternate between the two gestures to make your character go up and down. Avoid the monsters and try to get the highest score possible!

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