My team consists of just one person Rahul.

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Freya is the first assistant/bot which helps you navigate web pages. The cool thing about Freya is that you can add commands for any website. This way you are free of apple/google hegemony.

V800 capture with yelp


Give orders by clicking on the mic and saying it. If you prefer typing, Click on the bar below and type in the order. First command should always be open website for example open After that say commands in the context of the website like find restaurants in dallas You can register and add commands for a site in the /admin page.


Freya works only in chrome and no other browsers currently.

When you click on the mic first time, the browser will ask your permission to access the mic. Please accept that. If you block it Freya will not work.

View the screencast:

Built With

angular 4, express, phantomjs, nodejs, node-phantom for beep sounds for fidget spinner.

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