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We present Telecode: the world's most advanced code collaboration experience. Think google docs, but inside your favorite editor!

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Telecode is a daemon that you run inside a directory to sync your edits between your machine and your collaborators machines. It also features an advanced web interface that you can run in the background to receive real-time push notifications when an update occurs, or you can just edit in the browser itself!


Have each contributor install the telecode daemon on their development machine. Node.js 8 or higher is required.

npm install -g telecode

Navigate to a folder on your system that you wish to collaborate on. (Avoid folders containing binary files, only text files are supported right now)

cd $HOME/myrepo

Launch the telecode daemon pointing to a telecode server. (It is possible to launch your own telecode server, more on that further down). Pick a "room name" that your collaborators will use to find you.

telecode --url="http://nodeist-colony.herokuapp.com" --room="ovaloffice"

(Optional) open a web browser pointing to the telecode server (http://nodeist-colony.herokuapp.com)

Have your collaborators run their own daemons in empty directories. (Running the daemon inside a directory and connecting to an already-established room will replace the contents of that folder)

mkdir -p /tmp/ovaloffice
cd /tmp/ovaloffice
telecode --url="http://nodeist-colony.herokuapp.com" --room="ovaloffice"

Now edit your files! Every time somebody makes a change (and saves it to disk) 1. That change will be synced to everybody's machine. 2. Anybody connected to the room via the web interface will receive a push notification.

Happy collaborating!

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