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Create silent-movie-like clips, with multiple cameras, scenes, separator text screens and music.

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Check out a demo clip:

First you can select the camera with which you want to film a scene. If you try it out with your phone it's usually the front- and back-camera.

Next you can create a separator screen with a custom message and some nice border - typically for old silence-movies. This is totally optional, you could also just film multiple scenes and have them run after each other.

After you've filmed all your scenes and created the separator screens, you already will see a preview of your silent-movie. It's truly silent right now, but you can select some music to spice it up. Again, that's optional.

Everything until here happened in the browser only. Now it's time to let the server do it's magic and generate a video file with all your scenes, message screens and the music.

You'll receive a direct link to the video file, so you could download it and share it however. Or use the Twitter & Facebook links to share it directly on these platforms.


Please use Chrome or Chromium to test this app.

  1. Visit with your desktop and/or mobile phone. If you are visiting with a desktop, the homepage will have a mock phone with the app running inside an iframe, you can directly test it there. If you are visiting with your phone you'll directly use the app.
  2. Give the site permission to use your camera.
  3. If you have multiple camera sources (ie. front- and back-camera of your phone), you'll see numbered buttons with a camera icon below the preview. Click one to select your device.
  4. Click the round "Record" button and film something.
  5. Press the button again to stop the recording.
  6. Now you'll see the text editor where you can create a separator screen.
  7. Enter some text in the textbox, you can see the image of the separator screen preview live updating.
  8. Click on one of the numbers (1-6) below the screen preview, you'll see that the border changes. Click a selected number again, this will disable the border.
  9. Click on the "Add scene" button at the bottom left.
  10. You'll see the recording screen again, repeat the steps from 3-9. This will create multiple scenes that will be compiled to a video later. Also note that you can use different cameras (if available) for each scene.
  11. If you are done with filming your scenes and adding text, you can click on "Continue" on the bottom right.
  12. You are presented with a new page, containing two parts. On the top you can instantly see a live preview of all scenes and separator screens glued together. This will all happen on your client.
  13. The second part is the music selector. You can see numbers (1-9) with a music icon. Click one of them to select music, the audio will automatically play - That way you can see which music matches best with your running scenes.
  14. Clicking a selected button again deselect the music and stop the audio. Your clip does not need to have music.
  15. If you are happy with your selection, you can press the "Process & Save" button at the bottom.
  16. A progress bar will appear, indicating the upload of all the frames to the server. This may take a little while, depending how long your scenes are.
  17. Now you see the final screen with the generated video (all scenes, separator screens and music). It will automatically play, but you can stop it anytime, since this is just using the standard player from the browser - just a video after all.
  18. Below your video, you can see the full link to the file in a textbox. Clicking the box will select the text, so you can easily copy it. Press the button with the arrow next to it, a new browser tab with your generated video opens.
  19. Below the link you can see buttons for sharing the link on Twitter and Facebook. Each will open a new tab.
  20. Want to try again? Click the "Make another movie" button at the bottom. You'll start over with 3.
  21. At the desktop homepage, you can press the "Check out user creations" button at the bottom right, or visit directly
  22. You should see your fresh movie as the first entry, along with all other created movies.

I hope you had fun! Thanks for testing and judging.

View the screencast:

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