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Ashwin Hegde

Jarvis is a Hackbit hackathon app built powered by IBM Watson (Natural Language Understanding services). He helps to extract people, companies, organizations, cities, geographic features etc. from the content.

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Git - For more info visit visit Node.js version 8.4.0 or above - For more info visit npm version 5.3.0 or above Sign up for IBM Bluemix - See Account setup section [Optional] Visual Studio Code code editor - Recommended code editor. Includes vscode editor configs by default.


git clone cd nko2017-blackops npm install npm start http://localhost:3000

View the screencast:

Built With

It is built on top of many amazing projects, such as: 1. IBM Watson 2. IBM Bluemix cloud platform 3. Create-react-app 4. Express 5. React-vis 6. Other some libraries

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