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Classroom app

App to connect teachers and parents and share information about their children's homework as well as alerts

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Classroom APP

This app will help the teacher to share information and alerts to the parents registered on the classroom.

Teachers can have many classrooms, and parents will join the classroom, so they can check things like homework or alerts.

Parents can join the classroom using an auto-generated unique code and they will start receiving notifications from the teacher



  • Login (use credentials from README.md)
  • Create a classroom
  • Ability to publish notifications
  • Ability to publish homework


  • Login (use credentials from README.md)
  • Join a classroom by code
  • Ability to see all the classroom's notifications
  • Ability to see all the classroom's homework


Teacher: * email: [email protected] * password: testing123

Parent: * email: [email protected] * password: testing123

Built With

  • Loopback
  • ExpressJS
  • React
  • Bloomer
  • PostgreSQL

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