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Cait Sith

Our submission is a spin of of Cards Against Humanity. But with a flavour on IT ;-)

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CaIT - Cards against IT.

Play Cards against IT against a pc. Pay attention! The humour could be considered NSFW.

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Pick a deck from the suggested cards and play against a computer. The combinations could be funny.


The UX is a bit like the UI of a Cybertruck :-D

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Open in a web browser (we tested with Firefox).
  2. Wait until the Loading message disappears.
  3. Head over to Build a deck. Pick black questions or white answers.
  4. Once you have your deck, you can start a duel. There is no winning fanfare (we were too busy trying to get multiplayer implemented).

If you want to see the video, turn Enhanced Tracking Protection off in Firefox. Pay attention: Your deck is persisted in a database, but the turns aren't. Oh, and we haven't tested it, but the selected cards for a deck aren't bound to a user - could be that the person next to you will modify your deck. It's a feature, right? :-D

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