I went solo this year for my 5th node knockout.

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Weather cooler is an app that lets you chat about the weather with anyone in the world who is experiencing the same weather conditions as you.

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Nothing ties humans together like chatting about the weather. It's a global, shared experience that we can't do anything about. WeatherCooler groups you with others from around the world who are experiencing the same weather conditions as you.

Cold and rainy? Now you can commiserate with anyone else in the cold and rain no matter where they live.

Clear and mild? Gather around the weather cooler with other lucky folks.

There are lots of combinations of weather you can end up in and possibly endless amounts of anonymous strangers to chat about it with. You're welcome.



No good reason, that's for sure. If I were going to try and justify the existence of this app in some fancy-silicon-valley-speak, I'd say something like: "WeatherCooler is a social commentary app focused around the cliché of chatting up the weather around the water cooler with people you don't really care about.", but I would never put that in writing.


This was built in about 24hrs of a 48hr contest (I slept and also changed my idea mid-way like a true professional). It was built with React Native/Expo and Next/GraphQL on the client and server respectively. The realtime chat and presence were implemented using Firebase.


Since this is primarily a native app, it's a bit tricky to test but easy enough once you have Expo installed. I've outlined all the setup instructions here

It's also available on the web (Chrome only) here.

View the screencast:

Built With

Node Server Resources

  • Zeit Next/Now + Apollo Server Micro for GraphQL endpoint
  • Darksky API for weather lookup
  • Mapbox API for reverse geo-coding (getting the city you're in)

Client App Resources

  • Expo/React Native (iOS, Android, Web apps)
  • React Native Gifted Chat for chat UI components
  • Firebase for message storage (Firestore) and user presence (Realtime DB)
  • Probably too many custom React hooks

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