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Claim a blok, customize it, then watch the blok party grow live!

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Welcome to the blok party! Your blok party! This is a community art project where you can log in, claim a blok, customize it, and view other people's bloks live in real time! Once you claim a blok it's yours forever - and everyone else can see it, so be creative!


blok party

Claim your blok!

Once you have logged in with your GitHub account, head over to the building page to claim your blok. Click an open blok to select. Choose wisely, your choice will be final.

Edit your blok!

Once you have claimed your blok you can edit your blok by heading to the edit page. You can choose from a variety of different sprites to decorate, as well as customize the colors of each one. If you vote for us, you will unlock a party mode for your blok (If you are having troubles unlocking party mode, make sure you are logged into Blok Party and Node Knockout (with the account you voted with us for), in the same browser)

View bloks

At any time you can view bloks on the building page. As you are on this page, you will see live updates as users make changes to their bloks. Hover over a blok to see who the blok belongs to and click on it to be taken to their GitHub page.


blok party is best viewed on a non-mobile device. Tested and working on the following browsers:
- Chrome
- Firefox
- Edge

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Main Resources

Nuxt.js - Framework for Vue.JS applications
BootstrapVue - Style Library
Firebase - Authentication and data storage
ZEIT - Hosting

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