Deploy Kubernetes apps via (node express based) endpoints for auto-deploying apps for clients.

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Kubernetes with Least Imperfect

Deploy Kubernetes apps (from uploaded *.yaml files) to your Kubernetes cluster via API endpoints for seemless deployments for your clients via your eCommerce-site or CRM greatly reducing Dev Ops costs.

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This is Dev (Ops) tool for freelance web devs, agencies or web hosts to deploy repeatable Kubernetes apps with minimal effort (or automatically on actions like order completion).

K8sLi - Kubernetes with Least Imperfect

Automate Kubernetes deployment with K8sLi


  • Use your Kubernetes config file to point to your Kubernetes cluster (no cluster lock in)
  • Add .yaml files for pre defined configs.
  • Deploy any of predefined configs with a single API call.
  • Add deployment specific secrets for passwords (inputs from users/staff on your web app) with custom yaml markup.
  • Add deployment specific environment variables for stuff like domain names etc to directly map an app to domain with say an Ingress (again may have users/staff key it in via a simple form) with custom yaml markup.
  • Add deployment specific secrets of passwords and stuff or environment variables (which can inputs from user on your web app like domain names) with custom yaml markup.

POST /deploy Endpoint params

  • user
    • Required
    • Your user name.
  • key
    • Required
    • Your API key
  • deployment
    • Required
    • Name of .yaml file you have uploaded.
  • yaml - Custom YAML code to deploy - Could be used for secret/environment vars but not limited to just those.
  • namespace
    • Required
    • Namespace for this deployment

API responses

This is an area that needs more works. At the moment, we handle three cases... * Authentication error - "errorDesc":"Auth", - "success":false, - When username and key can't be matched to an account. * Unknown error from Kubernetes. - "error":<Error from Kubernetes>, - "success":false, * SUCCESS - "error":false, - "success":true, - "result":<Result from Kubernetes API call>


This is a Kubernetes cluster to test. Please find detailed instructions on Get started page. Strongly recommended that you don't use one of your existing cluster and instead create a test cluster to test this.

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