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A real-time quick chat platform. (With a chat bot implemented)

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A chat room people can connect to and chat with one another. But, what if nobody's there? Don't worry! There is always a bot ready to chat with you whenever you feel the need to talk to someone.


There is some known bugs that we currently can't fix because time, some of them is:
• Message Duplicates
• Layout issue on Widescreen or Phones/Tablets
This project is a great experience by developing and using third party library and Dialogflow as the bot's core. After knowing these issues, please consider to support us by voting for our team. Thank you for all of you who's voted for us, it's really motivate us to do more projects in the future.


When prompted, enter a username after visiting the link. After providing a username, you will connect to the room with that username. To view others' usernames, hover over their avatars.

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