Rude/Offensive Language Detection using Deep Learning

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Offensive Language Detector

Detect Offensive/Rude/Toxic language from real-time tweets fetched from twitter API.

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Online communication platforms and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are overwhelmed by rude/offensive comments and useless trolling. This application fetches real-time tweets from the Twitter API and then classifies those tweets according to the offensive content in them. For classification, a pre-trained Deep Neural Net (tensorflow.js model) is used. The prediction happens in the browser itself. Once you have loaded the page/model, no other network call is made for classification.

Uses: Real time tweet monitoring. Monitoring youtube comments. Keeping out trolls and bullies and having a decent conversation on social platform(s).


Just open the application URL. It will take 20-30 seconds for the initial model to load. Kindly wait and let it load. Once you see the initial classification results, the application is good to use. DO NOT interact with the application before you see the initial results. Just fetch random tweets and see their toxic content. There is a text box at the bottom of the page where you can enter your own sentences and run the classifier on them :). Chrome on web is the best platform for checking it out.

Built With

Tensorflow.js, ReactJS, NodeJS, twit and Twitter Search API

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