Weather cooler is an app that lets you chat about the weather with anyone in the world who is exp…

Nicer & Friends

A browser app that lets you comment on any webpage.

Blok Party

Claim a blok, customize it, then watch the blok party grow live!


This is a game where you run and shoot. The objective is clear: Avoid enemy attacks and kill them…

Quiz what it is

“Quiz what it is” extracts personality quizzes from Wikipedia “list of” articles.


Play Cards against IT against a pc. Pay attention! The humour could be considered NSFW.

K8sLi – Kubernetes with Least imperfect

Deploy Kubernetes apps (from uploaded *.yaml files) to your Kubernetes cluster via API endpoints …


The ultimate web app for organizing and sharing your thoughts, inspired by JSON objects.


Detect Offensive/Rude/Toxic language from real-time tweets fetched from twitter API.

Zeul fuego

A demonstration of NuxtJs + Vuetify + Nodejs Backend. The app is not doing anything more than an …


A real-time quick chat platform. (With a chat bot implemented)


WorldMasters is an interactive multiplayer game which shows the number of online users from diffe…


App to connect teachers and parents and share information about their children’s homework as well…


This is an academic depository for students.


Create silent-movie-like clips, with multiple cameras, scenes, separator text screens and music.

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